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Our Story

It all started in a Brooklyn basement. Our factory was in its infancy, and nothing more than an imported extruder that almost didn’t make it through customs (much like our founders). It was in that basement where various samples and quantities of flour were tried and tested, mixing slowly with the finest, world-renowned water that is New York City tap. The dough that came out of the extruder took on various shapes, or forme, before nestling gently into a pair of flour-dusted hands. Something beautiful was made in that basement, and we had to bring it above ground.

The Product

Our pasta is manufactured on the premises, every day, practically to order, using the same tools from our humble beginnings. The kitchen doesn’t operate behind closed doors because it has none. As you enter, you’ll witness flour-covered hands palming Fettuccine and Pappardelle, or shaping Ravioli and Orecchiette. That pasta is then flash-boiled to order, delicately sautéed and plated in front of you. Ever wonder how just flour and water can transform into delicate Agnolotti or angelic Spaghetti? Come tour our Pasta Factory.